Fees for Services

Mediation services are provided at a charge of $300.00 per hour. This is not a per-party charge, but the total hourly charge divided between the parties.  Mediation of most litigated civil cases and pre-litigated disputes are scheduled for a minimum of four (4) hours for a half-day mediation, or seven (7) hours for a full day mediation. Any additional time over the minimum is billed at the hourly rate.

There are no travel expenses for mediations in South Carolina. For mediations held outside South Carolina, travel at the Mediator's normal hourly rate/daily rate and expenses will be charged.

There are no administrative charges or telephone/fax expenses.

The mediator reserves the right to charge the parties for two hours time if the mediation is cancelled without 48-hours advance notice.  No cancellation fee is charged if the case is settled.

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